Chairman's Word

Dear Client and Patron,

Happy New Year! The year 2020 has proven to be unique, different of it’s kind and moment in time for our collective history that created new perspectives on how we need to define what we value most. Covid pandemic took away our humanity, that is the free will and freedom the ability to feel freely, connect and interact with one other, and each other’s space which is the very thing that makes us human. Was it that Covid-19 fast forwarded us to where we should have gotten long ago because with the isolation came personal time and with time came empowerment. As we all turned to Technology to make all those missed connections whole again, I will ask that we do not become stagnant again or be comfortable where Covid pushed us but to strive and see beyond our means of understanding so that we purpose for greatness.

We indulged in the simple pleasures of close community and family that we may have previously taken for granted what we where given but i am hoping that in this era we have found new ways and time to build skills and working closely together that will better prepare us for the road ahead.

Over the course of the past year, Bantu Pro Inc and Bantu ProHoldings Ltd’s growth was exceptional as many people made the decision to seek our professionals they can count on and who are always there to come to their assistance as and when needed providing solutions to their needs and demands. Our company and it’s Staff which has served a lot of artists with love, commitment and dedication for over 35 Years now, whose professionals ethicals don’t just do, cut and run but always there to see that your dreams are turned into reality while protecting your values, vision and objectives in making sure your set goals are also achieved.

As we reflect on 2020, I am humbled by the effort of the whole Bantu-Family team who worked tirelessly to realize completely revamped and improved our studio’s and rehearsal space putting in consideration safety first but also making sure 2021 we are not left behind as technology revolve and changing at a fast speed for the new era. We are teaming up with professionals in DC, California, UK as we introduce more services i.e, virtual recording, mastering for all markets but also making sure we all stay safe while attaining our set goals and realising our dreams come to reality.

As we put 2020 behind us and enter the new year, We can assure our clients and customers of one thing, we will continue to Strive is setting high standards for reliability and flawless service. We are still your number one stop shop for all your conceivable solutions. We will always aim at improving and offering the best experience at the same time maximizing what your interests are. Come lets reason together are we work towards achieving attainable goals for you and your projects or company.

The entire Team of Bantu Family say proudly that without you our CLIENTS, we are nothing. We are committed to innovation and to making your experience with us enjoyable and beneficial. For those who’ve lost the loved ones we are with you and sending our sincere condolences while pray to God for healing and restoration of your heart. Wishing You and Everyone a Healthy, Safe, Happy and Lucrative Prosperous New Year.